Cleaning up over 800,000 URLs a day.

Install TheRealURL on your browser:
Firefox/Thunderbird add on     Chrome URL Expander

Enter a shortened URL (eg, and get the original un-shortened URL:


TheRealURL is built to be used as a web service. The URL is sent in the url= parameter, if no return format is specified the response is simply the unshortened URL: =>
(If the request fails for some reason, TheRealURL responds with "404 Not Found" with the body error)

Adding format=json returns a JSON response. In addition to the unshortened URL, JSON responses also return the page title:
=> {"url": "http:\/\/\/", "title": "Apple"}

Adding a callback= parameter allows for cross site requests with JSONP. This jQuery (v >= 1.2) code remotely fetches an unshortened URL:
	function(data){ alert(data.url) }

Free usage of TheRealURL is limited to 2000 requests per IP per day. If you'd like a higher request quota - or for any feedback, questions etc - contact me at or leave a comment.

Nir Yariv, Apr 2009